Chief Brannon Decou


Brannon Decou, I live in this community and have been dedicated to Broussard for the past 25 years in public safety.  I am a resident and active citizen of Broussard and a former Trooper of the Louisiana State Police, I was appointed Chief of Police in January 2001 by the City Council by a unanimous vote of 5-0.  Then in October of 2001, I was elected by the voters in a special election with 76% of the vote.   In October 2006, I ran against one opponent and won by 67% of the vote where I was honored to serve another four year term.  Then in October 2010 I ran unopposed which began my next 4 year term in January 2011. In 2014 I ran against one opponent and won again where I was honored to serve another four year term. I have been the Chief of Police for the past 16 years. I've served 14 years as a Lafayette Parish board member on the 911 Commission and 10 years as an Executive Board Member of the Louisiana Association of Chief's of Police.   I am a full-time professional Chief that is dedicated to providing you with the best protection that we as Law Enforcement Officials can provide.  I believe in doing the right thing for the right reason.  The issue of quality law enforcement is what I strive to give this city.  A Police Department that is dedicated to serving and protecting you and your children professionally is what you can expect from me.  As a father, I understand that the time invested in the future of children is time spent in the future of a community as a whole.

Special Training

  • Over 600 hours from LA State Police Academy

  • F.B.I. Diversity Training

  • U.S. Customs Blue Lightening Cross Training

  • D.E.A. Highway Interdiction

  • RCTA Criminal Patrol Techniques

  • LA State Police Hazardous Material Training

  • LSU Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

  • Annual Chief of Police Training


  • Chief Advisor - Broussard’s Explorer Program

  • Assistant Chief - Broussard Volunteer Fire Department - Member since 1993

  • Former Vice-President - Southwest Chief’s of Police Association

  • Sponsor - B.Y.Y.A. Baseball 

  • Member of US Marshall's Joint Task Force # 9

  • Executive Board Member of La Assn. of Chief's of Police

  • Lafayette Parish 911 Commission Board Member

  • Civic Leader of the Year Award

Broussard Chamber of Commerce September Luncheon Review
The Broussard Chamber of Commerce September Luncheon was held on September 19, 2012 at The Madison Banquet & Reception Centre. The luncheon offers a wealth of information with diverse speakers from the civic, industrial, and political fields.

Toby Armentor, Chamber President presided over the meeting. The Chamber’s featured guest speaker, Chief Brannon Decou, Police Chief with Broussard Police Department spoke on safety and education, stating that “the city’s low crime rate is a testament to a department staying ahead of the crime trend. You never know whose carrying a weapon or what they are going to do with it. Our neighboring Iberia and St. Martin Parishes have higher crime rates.” Police Chief Decou’s presentation focused on the Broussard Police Department services that make our community safer. The Power Division provides 24 hour protection 365 days a year with focus on crime related areas and issues. “We are your troops that provide freedom.”  Chief Decou implemented a full time Traffic Division in 2007 that aggressively enforces traffic laws reducing the number of crashes and fatalities.  The nationally recognized School Resource Officer program at Broussard Middle School is another way for officers to work hands-on with students and staff to create a safe learning environment. A new Financial Institution Program provides “above the norm opportunity for officers to complete paperwork and make person contact.” Police visibility provides an additional level of security. Broussard has 800 businesses’ in the city limits. Last year, the Broussard Police Department responded to 1500 False alarm calls. Chief Decou’s advice to business owners was “update your employee records and remember lighting is very important around your business.”




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