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Reserve Division




  • The purpose of the Reserve Division is to assist the City of Broussard with additional police protection.  Members of the Reserve Division must meet special qualifications, receive training and are governed by  rules and regulations.  Members have special police powers which include all of the full police powers held or possessed by a regular full-time commissioned law enforcement officer of the city, but limited to regular or specially assigned functions or when on duty.
  • The hours worked by members save the city and taxpayers much expense and are much appreciated.  It is imperative that members understand that the foremost requirement for remaining in good standing with the Reserve Division as well as the Department, is that members are expected to display proper motive for membership at all times.  Members should demonstrate a desire to serve the community and the Department, and should not allow that desire to be overcome by cravings for authority or power, political favoritism, monetary gain, or any other lesser motive.  


Are you interested in joining our Reserve Division?  If so, download our application: Here


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