Patrol Division

Patrol Division

About Our Patrol Division

This division consists of  a uniformed patrol unit which totals four sergeants, five corporals, and six patrol officers.  It is the largest in the department and provides response to disturbances, alarms, burglaries, and numerous other service calls.  These officers provide complete 24 hour protection for the City of Broussard 365 days a year by rotating patrol officers and patrol sergeants on a 12 hour shift basis.  

The goal of the patrol division is to deter crime by actively seeking out criminal activity and take on a proactive stance in crime prevention.


Lt. C. Burke

Patrol Shift Supervisors

Sgt. M. Istre

Sgt. J. Haines

Sgt. A. Gonzalez

Sgt. A. Jaffurs

Patrol Officers

Cpl. T. Robin

Cpl. T. Robin

Pfc. D. Mize

Pfc. J. Evans

Cpl. R. Carlin

Pfc. J. Shatlock

Pfc. R. Simon

Pfc. C. Richard

Pfc. J. Palmature

Pfc. D. Gonzales