Back To School Safety

Safety Tips

Back to School Safety Tips

  • To keep our roads safe, motorists must drive defensively, particularly around school buses, bus loading zones, and school zones.
  • Motorists on any highway that has only two-travel lanes (one in each direction) must stop for the bus whether approaching from the front or back.
  • Motorists travelling on multi-lane roadways (at least two lanes of travel in each direction) must stop if overtaking the bus from the rear but need not stop when approaching from the front, but should proceed with caution.
  • Get in the habit of noticing where school zones and crosswalks are on routes that you normally take.
  • Always obey crossing guards.
  • Anticipate the worst.  Children don’t judge speed and distance well and may attempt to cross the roadway that you are travelling on.
  • Be careful around parked vehicles because children waiting to cross may be difficult to see behind parked vehicles-especially large vehicles.
  • Drive with headlights on.  The AAA says that the use of headlights can reduce pedestrian accidents by 25%.
  • Avoid cell phone use while driving.
  • Avoid reversing.
  • Don’t speed.
  • Teach your children to be safe when getting on and off of buses.