Criminal Investigations Division

CID handles crimes against persons, property and juveniles.  This division is responsible for a wide variety of follow up investigations including burglaries, thefts, forgeries, robberies, rapes, homicides, and any other crimes requiring further investigation.  Currently, CID includes one commander, two general investigative detectives, one school resource officer (SRO), and one evidence custodian.  To find out more about our SRO and evidence custodian, click the links below.  

Contact the CID Division if you have any information that may lead to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for a crime that you might know about.

Petushki 337-837-6259

Detectives K. Boudreaux
(337) 837-6959
C. Rankin
(337) 837-6959

CID Commander & Evidence Custodian

Lt. J. Guardia