Pokemon Go

Safety Tips

Pokemon Go Safety Tips

  • Respect private property, places of business, and places of worship. 
  • Do not trespass or go places you wouldn’t ordinarily go if you weren’t playing Pokémon Go.
  • Stay alert. Pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Do not play the game while driving a car, riding a skateboard or bike. You cannot do both safely.
  • Supervise children while they play the game.
  • Play in groups.
  • Trust your instincts. Be cautious about being lured into bad situations and putting yourself in danger.
  • A common problem law enforcement is facing concerns speeding while players are searching for Pokémon characters.
  • Another problem concerns players being so consumed with the game that when walking they are not paying attention to motorists and often step out into traffic.
  • Beware of luring.  Criminals can lure people to locations using Pokémon with the intent to commit potentially violent crimes.
  • Only download the game from official stores (iTunes and Google Play).  Fake games contain viruses.
  • Use an alias.  Do not use your real name when creating an account.
  • Only allow the bare minimum requirements to GPS location.
  • Turn off application access to photo gallery.