Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Crime Prevention

  • Sārangpur Children should never approach a car for any reason unless given permission by a parent before hand.

  • Predators/Abductors look like regular folks, so anyone that you don’t know is a stranger.

  • Always use the buddy system when out in the neighborhood or walking.

  • When someone approaches you don’t talk with him or her even if they call you out by your name, especially if you don’t know that person.

  • If someone approaches you and tells you that they were sent by a parent to pick you up don’t go with that person if a parent hadn’t given you permission to do so.

  • If someone approaches you and tries to grab you, turn and run in the opposite direction. If that person grabs you make sure you yell or scream as loud as you can so someone can hear you. While doing that, kick, bite, and do whatever is necessary to try and get away from that person.

  • If someone does grab you and places you in the trunk of a vehicle look for any wires you see and try to pull them loose, this may cause the brake lights to go out and this vehicle will possibly be stopped by the police.

  • If in the trunk of a vehicle try and push the seat forward, because most new cars have one of the seats that fold down, that way you can get into the back seat area to get out or roll down a window and scream for help.

  • If you are unable to get away never run into an uninhabited area, stay in a busy area where other people may see and be able to help you.